Auteur: basvanbeek

Astrofotografie najaar-winter 2017-2018

Zonsverduistering 2017 VS


Mercuriusovergang 2016 op Tenerife

Astrofotografie vanuit Nederland

Double cluster NGC 869/884 Genesis 10 cm F5.4 Canon 6D modified, no light pollution filter used. Total exposure time: single exposure 120 seconds at 1600 ISO.   IC 1375 Elephant Trunk Nebula Genesis 10 cm F5.4 Canon 6D modified, LPF D1 22 August 2015 Total exposure time: 20×120 seconds at 1600 ISO. Darks, Bias and…


For solar imaging I use: For Full solardisk images I use a Solarmax40 with a BF10. I can also put a my solarmax 60mm on that to create a double stacked H-alpha telescope. For details (when the seeing permits this) I use a PST modification telescope.

Noorderlicht 2013 Lapland

H-alpha 2014


H-alpha fotografie 2012

halpha201242012-10-07 11:53:19…

Venusovergang 6 juni 2012

venusovergang-201262012-10-07 13:46:51…

Astrosurvival op La Palma (2012)

la-palma-201212013-05-10 14:34:28…