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For solar imaging I use: For Full solardisk images I use a Solarmax40 with a BF10. I can also put a my solarmax 60mm on that to create a double stacked H-alpha telescope. For details (when the seeing permits this) I use a PST modification telescope.

H-alpha 2014


H-alpha fotografie 2012

halpha201242012-10-07 11:53:19

h-alpha 2005

h-alpha-200542005-07-09 20:03:20

h-alpha fotografie

h-alpha-fotografie42004-07-12 15:15:19

meer over h-alpha

meer-over-h-alpha42004-07-12 15:16:39

H-alpha 2004

h-alpha-200442004-07-09 20:02:09

h-alpha 2002

h-alpha-200242002-07-09 19:58:32